Forum OpenACS Development: Re: default, site and blank master templates

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
I am "skinning" a bunch of 5.0 sites this month with graphic designs not specifically designed for OpenACS.

Is there any documents, code, concensous on what the final solution for skinning should look like?

Here are some of the issues I've had so far.

1. All the things you'd typically expect a graphic artist to modify need to be in the same place and near the top of the tree. i.e. graphics, headers, footers, javascript, and at least the last CSS you load.

2. When subsites have their own design they may need thier own resource graphics (arrows and such) in matching colors. How should this be done?

3. In one case the site has different mostly static sections with radically different graphic design. I am trying to decide if I want to control the graphics with ETP or use subsites with ETP under them even through I need none of the group/user mangement of the subsite.