Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN v2.0 Release

Posted by Alfred Essa on
I know we are all anxious to see the .LRN v2.0 Release.

I want to acknowledge and recognize, first of all, the incredible effort put in by OpenACS developers, many of whom are working on the release on a volunteer basis. For example, Joel Aufrecht, who is the OpenACS release manager has put in endless hours of his own time (i.e. uncompensated) towards the .LRN release. There are many others like Joel and we appreciate their effort.

The lesson here is that for future releases we need to make sure that the institutions that are using .LRN put in more resources (funding, people) so that we don't continue taxing the volunteer developer community.

Because MIT Sloan intends to upgrade to .LRN v2.0, we will be putting in additional resources towards getting the release out. Tracy Adams, Janine Sisk, Andrew Grumet, Caroline Meeks, DeeDee Kane, and others at MIT Sloan will be focused almost entirely on the v2.0 release and upgrading our instantiation called SloanSpace.

We will be naming a Test Manager and a Release Manager in the next few days. I encourage everyone, particularly existing .LRN sites, to assist us with the release. Please contact the Test Manager or Release Manager when they are named.

I want to thank everyone for their superb work thus far.