Forum OpenACS Q&A: ]project-open[ V3.3.Beta1 & Nomination for SourceForge Community Choice Award

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We've just started the beta process for ]project-open[ V3.3. The final release is scheduled for July 22nd, 2008.

We'd invite everybody to download and check the new version. The "beta" refers to very minor issues that might occur during the installation process, which are probably "no issue" for OpenACS members.

For download please see:
and go to Download. The installer is called .

For a complete change log please see:

Please nominate us for the SourceForge "Community Choice Award":
and click on the "Nominate" button.

Key features of the new installer / version:

- V3.3 is our new "stable release". We will only introduce bug fixes in this version now.
- At the same time, we have started an instable/development version V3.4, which is also available now.
- The ]po[ "installer" now consists of a CentOS 5.1 VMware appliance with everything installed and ready for production use.
- The VMware includes PostgreSQL 8.1, AOLServer 3.3oacs (yep!, without memory leaks AFAIK...) and OpenACS 5.1
- It is now possible to install ]po[ V3.4 on top of an existing OpenACS/dotLrn 5.1 ... 5.4 installation. Three of our customers are running such configurations now.

Some Statistics about ]po[:

]po[ is one of the most successful "products" that are based on OpenACS, so our success is also an OpenACS success, and many of our customers have become members of OpenACS.

- There are some 2.500 companies in the world running their business using ]project-open[
- The last version of ]po[ received some 50.000 product downloads at SourceForge (~2.5TB download volume per month...)
- We usually get some 50.000 distinct visitors each month on our web site.