Forum OpenACS Q&A: im_spam and ad_schedule_proc

Posted by Chris Hardy on

    In my ever dilligent quest to get the intranet Daily Status Page
working, I've found that a in intranet-defs.tcl im_spam is created.
Yet im_spam is never called anywhere else in the package.. Since I'm
still a little spotty on ACS, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if
im_spam shows up anywhere else in the ClassicACS?  I'd almost bet that
this is the procedure, but it was pulled out at one tiem or another..
Anyone willing to help?
Posted by Chris Hardy on
Here I go awnsering my own questions! >:) I sent a e-mail to who was kind enough to show me what to do..  Here's the mail..
Hi Chris,

We do the following to generate the status report:

  * Create a template filE for the spam module (see below for ours)
  * Create a user class from /www/admin/users selecting all employees (joining
im_employees_active with users_alertable)
  * Schedule daily spam through /www/admin/spam

Here's our spam template (/spam/intranetstatus):

Dear $first_names,

The following is summary of the previous day at ArsDigita.  You may
view this online at [im_url]/status-report.tcl

[im_status_report 1 "" "email_summary"]

If you still have questions/suggestions, please do let me know!


And it Works! >:)  I'll be adding this to the SDM.