Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to im_spam and ad_schedule_proc

Posted by Chris Hardy on
Here I go awnsering my own questions! >:) I sent a e-mail to who was kind enough to show me what to do..  Here's the mail..
Hi Chris,

We do the following to generate the status report:

  * Create a template filE for the spam module (see below for ours)
  * Create a user class from /www/admin/users selecting all employees (joining
im_employees_active with users_alertable)
  * Schedule daily spam through /www/admin/spam

Here's our spam template (/spam/intranetstatus):

Dear $first_names,

The following is summary of the previous day at ArsDigita.  You may
view this online at [im_url]/status-report.tcl

[im_status_report 1 "" "email_summary"]

If you still have questions/suggestions, please do let me know!


And it Works! >:)  I'll be adding this to the SDM.