Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Professional OpenACS Setup/Op Costs

Posted by Li-fan Chen on
That's an exciting point Ben pointed out. Imagine if those Mac GUI guys working on Eazel and remote system administration (I believe the correct buzzword is Zero Administration) could cook up an wizard or remote administration database around OpenACS administration and setup tasks! 😊 Sounds like the logical second step once we start getting used to RPMs and DEBs and get our own CPAN for ACS.
I wonder what it will take. They propose to directly manipulate system dot and etc files (being able to parse and change them as well as a real human admin I guess) and access the greater desktop via GNOME's BONOBO/CORBA/(gnome idea of a registry) facility... so maybe someday.. far in the future.. we could provide a BONOBO api to ACS/PostgreSQL/AOLserver/ACS modules settings file so the Eazel guys can tinker with it from afar. It would be nice if the ACS community can do the tinkering and provide the remote administration though, so I hope that remote administration facility Eazel will be selling by the seat will also be open-sourced. I guess someone should go and ask them what the deal is.