Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: (Proposed) TIP#40: New introductory text on home page

Posted by Ola Hansson on
Bullet one - Why mention certain packages and not others? It seems kind of arbitrary. Maybe just mention the main features and provide a link to the packages (certainly better than showing them all)?

Hmm. Is "framework" a better term than "platform"? 😊

Apart from those tiny things the change is clearly for the better, I think.

Posted by Tom Jackson on

Ola, I think it is more of a 'toolkit' built on a 'framework'. Depending on what features you want, it could be either. If you don't do more than configure, it is probably just an 'application' or 'suite'. I use it as a framework, but I think most advocate using it as a toolkit, adopting usage of the cr, ad_form, etc.