Forum OpenACS Q&A: Anyone running OACS on X-Serv / OS X in a production setting?

If so, could you please describe your environment. If not, what is needed to get us there?

There might be interest at Apple in OACS and .LRN.

I got it running on my Powerbook without any problems. Wrote also the documentation for it. It does not run Oracle yet. It requires OS X.
Not yet running production version but I have this setting:

Panther Server
PostgreSQL 7.4.1
OpenACS 5 (from CVS last week)
AOLServer 4
XServe dual 1GHz - 2GB RAM - 4x120GB

Really nice setup and very fast! Has been running without interruptions for a test/discovery setup for a new project.


Oracle's the bug-a-boo at the moment, I intend to strip out the Java remnants in the Oracle code when I get some time.  Though if anyone wants to step up for this rather annoyingly tedious task feel free!
I believe that Barry Brooks is running a fairly heavy OACS site on OSX. Hopefully he's checking the forums.


We have recently moved to an XServe Dual  G4 with 1.2Gb RAM
In the same machine we have a second site just being finished using an interface to the University's authentication system (internal called WASM).
So far no problems



Mike Sisk recently said that's he's going with Apple G5 Xserves running OS-X for any and all new servers for Furfly, so he should know...
fwiw, I have posted yet another blog entry commenting on installing OpenACS on Panther:

My production site runs on Solaris with Apple Xraid drives. I do run OpenACS on a Mac, but not in production. If you need lots of disk space I recommend the Xraid. The new G5 Xserve looks very tempting but I like the Sun v100 at $995
Barry, your combination is also worth looking at. It's good to know that the XRAID drives are compatible with Solaris.
You can buy the PCI Fibre channel cards from Apple and they work fine in Suns with PCI. They are LSI Logic and you just download the drivers. I think there are also Linux drivers now.