Forum OpenACS Development: Re: css and js versioning by url to avoid caching old ones

I agree, we should try to include this in the toolkit, can you post your patch Gustaf? (looking forward to implement these stuff in Galileo)
Any experience with Etags?

Versioning of CSS & .js might be better with numbers as suggested in yahoo best practices, while the approach that Miguel suggest is more suitable for dynamic components (yahoo again). Anyway, certainly we need to adopt versioning in order to smoothly introduce any changes in css / .js in production sites.

BTW, anyone with idea on how headers flush can be acomplished?

I'm going to work on OpenACS 5.3 with that issues, due to that version is on our production server right now. That way, it could be used in older oacs versions (with no template::head api function and so on)

Once I had fixed all bugs, I could export that work to oacs 5.4 with its new templating system.

Gustaf, about "add versioning via file-name", it forces to rename files in CVS, doesn't it? or maybe it's a link to real filename?.