Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #46: (Proposed) Rules for Version Numbering and CVS tagging of Packages

No, you do a single cvs checkout with tag openacs-5-2-0-compat.

The core files are tagged twice in this scheme:
  - openacs-5-2-0
  - openacs-5-2-0-compat

And the files in an application, such as photo-album, are tagged:
  - package-2-0-0
  - openacs-5-2-0-compat

One other thing that wasn't super-clear in my original post is that the package keyword is literally that, not a placeholder for, e.g., "photo-album" and "file-storage" and everything else.  There should never be any file tagged photo-album-2-0-0.  So if you checked out package-2-0-0 across the whole repository, you should get version 2.0.0 of each package, which bears no particular relationship to OpenACS core - it would be a meaningless thing to do.

Thanks for clarification. Second question arose. If it does not have any resemblence to Core and nothing is guaranteed to work together, why doe we tag the package "package-2-0-0" instead of "photo-album-2-0-0". Why do we tag them in the first place? The only concern to us should be the tag for the releases (openacs-5-2-0-compat) not additional arbitrary ones (at least this is my only concern, which has been solved). I don't mind putting your package tagging into place, but we should not enforce the tagging of packages except with the openacs-x-y-z-compat tag.

As I do not think seperate package tagging (either way) is an obstacle, I approve.