Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Bug 961 - Potential Test Case for UAB process

Posted by Matthias Melcher on
For now, "Control panel" should apply to concept7 above. Later on,
if functionality is added or changed, it might be better to distinguish
more concepts, one of which might be something similar to
"Administrative Tasks on Windows servers that differs from
"control panel" on Windows clients, but actually it's more complicated
on an elearning system because, in addition to (end-) users
and (sys-) admins, we have this third kind of class-admins in between.

For properly targeting them, something like Concept6 would be fine.
Depending on what developers regard as possible, a future change
could be envisioned leading to something like
- either "administer" for all sorts of admins (Concept 3)
- or "customized page" > "control panel" (Concept 5, > 6)