Forum OpenACS Development: Dynamic Templating in OpenACS 4.0

Posted by Robert Schlaff on
Will the dynamic templating module be a part of OpenACS 4.0?
Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
Openacs 4.0 should support everything that acs 4.0 supports.
Posted by Domingo Alvarez duarte on
I read in the documentation and in some other postings here that the templating system works having the "*.tcl" code file calling the "*.adp" template pages, in my point of view this is wrong, I'm working in another system that uses templates as well and several times we need to show the same data in diferent ways, so in my opnion the "*.adp" pages should call de "*.tcl" pages in this way the code doesn't know nothing about a specific template it only generate the variables and leave it ready to be used.