Forum OpenACS Q&A: Ybos Content Management system ported to OpenACS

We ported the Ybos Content Management system to OpenACS about six weeks ago and I've finally put up a download page to share it with everyone else.

Right now it's the only item listed at We have the module in use on http://www, (until Nov 7th, anyway :) and it's working well for us.

Credit for the port goes to Paul Doerwald (, working as a furfly contractor.

Thanks Janine (and everybody at furfly)!

I will probably have a look at this later this week as it looks potentially helpful for a project of ours.

BTW, anyone interested in Email Notifications for general comments.  We put together a patch that will support it for unmoderated environments.  We'll put it up in our download section after we test it some more, but if you want it, email me.


Yeah, the email alert patch sounds interesting, too.  We need a place on for folks to store contributed code - sounds like a job  for new-file-storage, Ben!

I'll try to play with the Ybos module in the next couple of weeks and will make it available in the CVS tree afterwards.