Forum OpenACS Q&A: Person available and help wanted posting thread

I don't see a classified section on yet. And it's not immediately apparant how's classifieds module link to the new I can't click my way from "Your Workspace" to for example. Anyway, I'd like to help myself and hopefully others find OpenACS related employment or employees. Hence this thread.

If you are looking for work or looking to hire feel free to add your entry to this thread :) I hope the OpenACS forum folks won't mind having this thread for now (at least until a classifieds section show up *grin*)

By the way I'm available full-time if anyone is looking for a OpenACS, ACS, or AOLserver (or even Apache) db-backed programmer. Beginner level, and willing to learn. No degree yet (though I'm going back for a libarts soon to practice how to think and write more expertly) but hard-worker. Here's my resume. is an actual existing job-posting and job-seeking site. I am sorry that I overlooked it. A thread in the OpenACS forum under the Evangelism category talks about it. Good luck in your job finding (or hiring) endeavor! :)
Posted by Arjun Sanyal on
Since is down, and my parents are starting to hassle me about getting a job, I'm throwing my hat into the burgeoning (Open)ACS job market.

I am interested in jobs (full, part time, or consulting) in the NYC, Philadelphia, Washington, or nearby areas.

My resume. Also, check out the itself, since it is my first major ACS work. It is in beta testing right now, so the articles are not up to date yet, but I would love even one line of feedback.



Posted by Don Baccus on looks nice.  I personally don't like the horizontal lines you're using for a background on my NEC 17" monitor, but it probably won't bug me on my laptop's tft display (or the 17" flat monitor I'll probably buy for myself next month, this CRT's hard on my  46 yr/old eyes).

I like the top decor (IndiaWonk + links for navigation) and the fact that you present it on every page, which is something I'm doing in the  redesign of my own OpenACS site.

There, how's that?  No job, but a nice review of your site!

Posted by Arjun Sanyal on
Thanks for the review, Don. I worked hard on the look of the layout and graphics (hand-tuning the anti-aliasing of the logo in the Gimp).

About the background, if it detracts too much from the readability of the text on CRTs (I use an LCD), I might scrap it for something else.

Thanks again, Don!