Forum .LRN Q&A: Call for translations... (and a quick proof)

Now that .LRN v2 is out and the translation server is running the newest release it is time to get your translations up-to-date on

.LRN 2.0.3 will mainly be a language release, so here is your chance to update your native tongue on the translation

With a collective effort (and the grace of the release manager) we might be able to get the following languages into the next version of the toolkit.

Danish (DK)      89 more
Portuguese (BR) 270 more
Dutch (NL)     279 more
Chinese (ZH)     316 more
Spanish (ES)     438 more
Arabic (AR_LB)     561 more
Portuguese (PT) 563 more
Korean (KR)     724 more
Italian (IT)    831 more
Swedish (SE)    844 more

If all goes well the next release will be within a few days (March 5th is the target date - see )

Translate away!

Regarding the quick proof: could someone verify some of the .LRN translations in the following graphics - ( I want to use them for a press release we are working on in Germany and just want to make sure they are not horribly wrong).


P.S. ACHTUNG TRANSLATORS: make sure you do not mess with the German or English versions. We have had the luck of having a professional translator in our team in Heidelberg and the German translation is close to perfect. It is VERY easy to start nuking another language the way the server is set up now, so unless you want to be terminated ;) watch where you click on

Posted by Matthias Melcher on
The professional German translation Carl refers to does not include Curriculum, Homework, Photo Album, and bug #1549 fix message keys, since they were translated after Anja finished her job. So, if you have suggestions about them please tell me, I will try to coordinate.
Posted by Matthias Melcher on
Who started to translate Photo Album into German? Please contact me since I do not want to override your translations without consultation.
Posted by xx xx on
I think we would need a "ReadMe.txt" on the acs-lang/admin page of the translation server to make the remarks above available at all times. It will be useful for other locales too.

Another thing I would love to see is a one big table with all 2380 translations (instead of per package). That would make it easier to scan for translation inconsistencies and to find a message one can only vaquely remember.

Posted by xx xx on
BTW, the search option works fine, in case implementing one big table takes too much time or is not considered useful by others.
Posted by xx xx on
Forget about the one big table idea. The translation UI is marvellous as it is.

The ReadMe.txt idea is still useful, IMO.