Forum OpenACS Q&A: special caracters

Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
hello all! I have some problems with special caracters like ñ, á, é , non- english caracter from spanish language.
well you can check it at
look at "noticias" there is some news, but when in see the same news alone (put atention in the title of the news) I don't have that kind of problems, do anyone have idea of whats happening??

I'm using aolserver 3.2+ad10, postgres 7.0.2 and RH6.2

Posted by Gaizka Villate on
There's already been a question about this topic here.

Basically, the way to get it solved is to use nsd76 instead of nsd8.

By the way, i've been thinking about translating OpenACS into spanish, too. I planned to wait until OpenACS 4.0, so i could use the templating system. Have you used any kind of template, or have you translated it page by page?
I would also be glad to help with the porting to OpenACS 4.0, if any member of the team is reading this.

Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
Thank you Gaizca for your post, but change to nsd76 didn't fix the problem, was wrost, in both links were changes. Maybe someone else know how to go around this with aolserver3.2+ad10, thanks.

About the spanish, I did it page by page including. I have around 50% of the user pages translated, if somebody wants it I can give it!
Hope for more answers...

Posted by Svet Ivantchev on
Hi Rocael,

I am sure that using nsd7x solves the problem with the special characters. These two-letter strange simbols are coming from the internal UNICODE representation of the stings which was introduced in tcl8. Can you try again to run OpenACS with nsd7 and *make new posting* to you forums. The data already in the database will sill be shown bad, *but* all the new posting will be ok (I think so 😊.

Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
Yes Svetoslav,
with nsd76 works!
but what could be the problem there, the extrange thing is that is some pages doesn't work and in other works great... :(
Posted by Anton Bajri on

Here's another one with problems. I'm also trying to make it work in spanish, and the best i got was the subject right, but the bodyes wrong. I'll try with new posts, tough. Working with nsd76 solves the problem for ADP pages too, no?

Rocael, i would be very interested in your work translating to spanish... But what ad10 mean? 1.0? I've installed OpenACS 3.2.