Forum OpenACS Q&A: admin/users/one.tcl causes aolserver to dump core

I am trying to run OpenACS 3.2.4 with AOLserver 3.2 and Postgresql
7.0.3 under OpenBSD 2.7.  Most things work fine, but there are a few
scripts that cause AOLserver to dump core with a segmentation fault.
Looking at the core file in a debugger, the culprit seems to be a call
to vfprintf when the server tries to log an error message from
postgres.  Postgres is complaining that the relation bm_list doesn't

My questions are:  First, the data model from the bookmark system
doesn't get loaded (there's a comment in load-data-model.sql saying it
isn't ready for prime time), I have removed the bookmarks directory
from www/, and have commented the bm section out of the parameters
file.  Why is postgres complaining that bm_list doesn't exist?  The
script admin/users/one.tcl?userid=0 will cause this error, for

Second, is this primarily an ACS problem, an AOLserver problem, or

Third, if the measures I have taken (listed above) aren't sufficient
to thouroughly remove the bookmark module from this install, what is

Thanks for your help.

The dump is an AOLserver/BSD problem - under Linux, Solaris etc you get error messages without core dumps.  I'd report this to the AOLserver folk as I'm sure they'll want to know about it.

As far as the bm_list problem, Janine Sisk at had exactly this problem a few days ago.  She told me how she got around it but I didn't pay attention.  I'll e-mail her and ask her to post here with her solution.

Don, are you using my name in vain again?  I swear, every time I
turn my back on him he volunteers me for something! :))))

What I did to fix this was get the latest bookmarks-defs.sql from
SourceForge, and load it.  It defines bm_list, among other things.

I'm not registered at SourceForge and didn't want to bother at
that moment, so I navigated to the 'browse cvs' area for the
acs-pg project, viewed the file I wanted, and copied the contents.
This should have been perfectly kosher since I'm not planning to
check in any modifications.  But the SF cvs browser uses
non-breaking spaces to properly indent code fragments, which
my Mac's clipboard turned into some funky unprintable character.
It was a mess.  So don't do it that way, especially if you're on a
Mac!  Next time I'll become a registered user and learn to do
checkouts properly;  I haven't needed to so haven't invested the

Janine, you don't have to register with sourceforge if all you need to do is a checkout. All you need is a cvs client and those two commands:
cvs login
Cvs wants you to provide a password at this point but since password is empty (for all sf projects) just press enter here.
cvs -z3 co acs3-pg
You only need to register if you want to commit changes to a repository (either of your own project or someone else's project if they've given you permissions).
Can't help you with the core dump but can tell you that the page that you are asking for is probably trying to run bm_user_contributions and that is why not having bm_list in the db is causing errors. Chasing the core dump would be helpful to the community; in the mean time, you could comment out the call to bm_user_contributions.