Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to admin/users/one.tcl causes aolserver to dump core

Don, are you using my name in vain again?  I swear, every time I
turn my back on him he volunteers me for something! :))))

What I did to fix this was get the latest bookmarks-defs.sql from
SourceForge, and load it.  It defines bm_list, among other things.

I'm not registered at SourceForge and didn't want to bother at
that moment, so I navigated to the 'browse cvs' area for the
acs-pg project, viewed the file I wanted, and copied the contents.
This should have been perfectly kosher since I'm not planning to
check in any modifications.  But the SF cvs browser uses
non-breaking spaces to properly indent code fragments, which
my Mac's clipboard turned into some funky unprintable character.
It was a mess.  So don't do it that way, especially if you're on a
Mac!  Next time I'll become a registered user and learn to do
checkouts properly;  I haven't needed to so haven't invested the