Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to AOLserver install question

Posted by Dan Wickstrom on is included in all of the sub-makefiles of aolserver. Usually you edit include/ for any of your system-specifc configurations and then type make in aolserver top-level directory. It sounds like you have a binary distro. For a source distro your top-level directory will look something like this:
1016 nsadmin@localhost:/usr/local/aolserver/aolserver3_1 >ls
ChangeLog           LICENSE.txt  doc                nscgi  nsext   nspd       nssha1  nsvhr                     scripts  tcl8.3.2
DISTRIBUTION.patch  Makefile     encoding-doc.html  nscp   nslog   nsperm     nssock  oracle-driver-2.3         tcl      thread
DISTRIBUTION.txt    README.txt   include            nsd    nsodbc  nsrewrite  nsunix  oracle-driver-2.3.tar.gz  tcl7.6   win32
1017 nsadmin@localhost:/usr/local/aolserver/aolserver3_1 >  

Typing "make install" in this directory should build and install aolserver in whatever directory is specified as the "INSTALL" directory in