Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #34 (Expired): Application package ui separation

Tilmann, I committed some changes to Forums which separated some of the more reusable ui components into includes in the lib directory.  This would make it easier to create an alternate ui for forums as a separate package - which I went on to do for my current project.  But I haven't committed anything else which explicitly supports or uses this approach.

Are your changes in 5.1? Also, would you happen to have doc, notes, or examples of how to use the newly refactored forums code?



Posted by Jeff Davis on
The changes went in for 5.0, the code works the same, it's just been refactored to have most of the page fragments generated from includes in forums/lib/. So for example forum-view.adp includes /packages/forums/lib/message/threads-chunk rather than having the forum list directly generated in the .adp.

The advantage here is the portlet then can simply reuse this code rather than having to have a chunk largely copied from the regular page .adp.

The ultimate goal here is I think to further refactor forums so there would be a forums-base which had the tcl libraries, lib includes, etc, and multiple forums-ui packages which implemented front ends with possibly quite different security policy, navigation, etc.

It's not terrible to have a default interface in forums but I find having a service/application pair is easier to understand and cleaner in implementation.

Also, to be clear, the consensus on this TIP was that it was a good idea, and the refactoring of page components into includes was something we wanted to see, but changes to specific modules should be tipped individually.