Forum OpenACS Development: Users_interests and categories

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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
I was browsing the code and I found code in acs-admin/www/users/one.tcl and in acs-tcl/tcl/admin-procs.tcl with very intreging references to a users_interests table that references categories.

The code checks to see if the users_interests table exists and I do not see any code in CVS that creates the table.

It looks to me like someone wrote categories based users_interests but decided not to fully bring it back to the toolkit. It sounds to me like an interesting idea.  If the author reads this I'd like to know more about what you did and whether you think its a good idea or not.

I found this code while I was thinking about how to collect additional info at registration. Examples: checkboxes for How did you hear about this site? What sort of organization do you work for?

This seems like a common task. How are people doing this? Are you just creating a new table? Is there a better way? I'm considering categories and survey.