Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS invades Brussels

Posted by Adam Farkas on
Well, ok, it ain't quite like the beatles coming to america, but...

OpenACS Honcho Ben Adida, ArsDigitan Malte Sussdorff, and myself are going to the Open Source and Free Software Developer's European meeting (OSDEM) Feb 2-4 in Brussels, belgium (

Ben will be speaking about the past, present, and future of OpenACS, and i'm trying to assemble an OpenACS bird-of-a-feather session during the conference.

If you're going to be there, and want to meet up with us, sign up at:

I'll shoot out an e-mail to you when more details become available.


Posted by Li-fan Chen on


Someone should get those chocolate makers to run Open Source stuff!!

Question: How big is the OpenACS or ACS community in Europe.. any population or package contribution stats by country?

Posted by Mohan Pakkurti on
I have been doing some acs and openacs work here in Sweden. Mostly hacking and doing small projects for groups that I worked for the last year. I want to get involved in the porting effort for openacs 4.0.

See you guys in Brussels. cheers.