Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): [NOT TIP] Add ContextBarSeparator to acs-subsite parameters

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To allow easier customization of the look of the context bar, I propose to add a ContextBarSeparator parameter to asc-subsite.  This should allow an html snippet so that an image could be used, and default to " : "

This requires the following patches:
add new parameter:
            <parameter datatype="string"  min_n_values="1"  max_n_values="1"  name="ContextBarSeparator"  default=" : " description="Separator to use for the context bar"/>

Add new code at line 122:
set separator [parameter::get -package_id [site_node_closest_ancestor_package "acs-subsite"] -parameter ContextBarSeparator]

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
I don't think this needs to be TIPped; it could just be a patch.