Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to 1 week boot camp questions...

Posted by Adam Farkas on
But of course i'm reading the bboards, Carl 😊

Thanks for giving the bootcamp a shot. I take your suggestions for changing the course quite seriously -- we need feedback from the people who have taken the course, and unfortunately we don't often get as much as we'd like. Particularly from people who leave early.

I agree with your observation that there isn't much in the way of lectures.

The value of the experience is supposed to be rooted in the help that you can get from the TA's and fellow bootcampers. Many people have told me that they tried to do the problem sets at home, but couldn't get motivated to finish (or couldn't find a peaceful enough locale.)

Bootcamps also give people a glimpse into the local aD culture (which, I might add is somewhat different in each office! If you don't believe me, try the course in california, then boston!)

I'll pass these suggestions on to Ravi Jasuja, who runs the bootcamps in boston and is responsible for a large chunk of the documentation/revamping of the problem sets.

Finally, for anyone who would just like to get a taste of what aD is about, without taking the bootcamps, we're having a series of free "developer events" around the country. We had one in NYC a couple of months back, which was well received. The next one is in Atlanta on Feb 7th. We try to line up ArsDigita (and OpenACS) developers to speak about (open)ACS. I've already talked Ben Adida into speaking at two of these events, and i'm predicting that they'll be has already agreed to do two of these events. Hope it helps.