Forum OpenACS Q&A: Mailing List and acs-mail-lite

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Posted by Ben Chan on
I've been trying to search through the forums to see how to install mailing list.  I installed acs-mail-lite 0.1 from CVS, but the mailing-list package I tried to install from the acs-admin/install says I require acs-mail-lite 0.3 which I haven't been able to find anywhere.  Is this a bug or is acs-mail-lite 0.3 well hidden somewhere?

I've also been trying to CVS checkout mailing-list, which I haven't been able to find either.

Help please!

Posted by Ben Chan on
found mailing-list and forced the package install, but not sure if it still requires acs-mail-lite 0.3 or not.
Posted by C. R. Oldham on
Did you look in contrib?
Posted by Caroline Meeks on
There is an acs-mail-lite in contrib and in openacs-4/packages.

I think you want the non-contrib version, though it seems to be 0.2 not 0.3.

This is odd because I have an acs-mail-lite version 0.3 installed on one of my production systems.

I guess my advice is try 0.2 and see if it works. I am pretty sure 0.1 from contrib will not work.