Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: .LRN release process and roadmap

Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
I fully agree to what Tracy said and also think that we should not underestimate IMS/SCORM compliance of dotLRN if we really want to become a cempetitive and accepted LMS on the market.

Still it is very true that we should focus on making dotLRN as robust as possible. There are many things that come to my mind regarding robustness and usability, like

- why are not news and calendar items of open subgroups visible in the supergroup/class?

- the navigation through dotlrn is not usable..for instance there is no way to return back to a class from a subgroup or from customizing the portal layout of a class to the class itself (only via admin page first)

- it is not possible to delete forums, subgroups, classes, departments, user defined portlets, pages in the portal layout if it is not the last page...

- the default pages for a class/group are i18n but you can loose this info by simple overwriting the name. Better to have default pages that can be hidden and user defined pages that need not to be i18n

- there are many pages where the pages My Space, My Calendar, My Files ... are shown ... most of the time when you are navigating to a dotlrn-package (cal, forum, news, ....)

- the file-storage doesn't handle upload of interlinked html files properly if they have a defined folder structure. Instead all files are created in a flat hierarchy and many links are broken.

- we do not have an extranet for aggregated info of the dotlrn groups that exist

- from some posts I understood that copying groups is not working properly, so I turned that feature off

- we really need a support system for dotlrn to handle user problems, questions and suggestions and to maintain a dotlrn instance that has more than 20.000 users


I am sure that some of the problems mentioned are OpenACS specific and will be or are already fixed. So upgrading to 5.1 is important.

From usablity and strategic aspects IMS/SCORM is #1

The rest of the above stuff is bug fixing or constant improvements, right?