Forum OpenACS Q&A: Bookmarks module / getting latest openacs from sourceforge

The one module that wasn't included in the openacs 3.2.4 (the current
version you download from this site) was the bookmarks module. I
created a port of that module last fall, but was a little slow about
putting it into circulation. It's part of openacs 3.2.5, which is
available at sourceforge. It works (as best as I can tell!) except
that there is no link to the bookmarks admin pages off the main admin
page. The bookmarks module is installed with the other modules when
you load the data model.

If you want the latest and greatest openacs 3.2.x, it's quite easy to
get it. Type:


When prompted for a password, hit return (you'll see your regular
shell prompt again). Now type:

cvs -z3
pg co acs3-pg

Voila! Even easier than downloading it from here. Enjoy.

Thanks for doing the port, Alex!

For those of you who've sent me other things to stick in CVS, fear not, I'll get there eventually.

We really need a "keeper of the tree", someone willing to accept changes and test them before committing them from those who aren't committers.  OpenACS 3.2 is only open for bug fixes and porting unported code, not major new functionality, so it wouldn't be a big job.

I really don't have time to do it, and will be more busy, not less, very shortly work on the ACS 4 port.

Any takers?  Roberto, you're young and energetic and familiar with the  internals of the toolkit....

Looks like I missed this post amidst the numerous recent OpenACS posts.

Yes, sure, I could be a keeper of the 3.2.x tree. I actually have been looking at the bugs posted at the SDM and getting them fixed. I have done some modifications to the SDM as well and sent Ben an e-mail about them.

I want to be heavily involved with the 4.x port though. I am just waiting for the driver issues to be solved or suggested since I am not that good of a C programmer.

Don, thanks for the "young and energetic" :) You could add "underpaid (but happy) CS student" to the list of adjectives :)

Dan's already hacked the bind stuff into the driver, which pleased me mightily as I really didn't want to get stuck with it.

I don't imagine that helping with the tree will take enough time to impact your 4.0 work.  I'm going to send you something to test in just a few minutes, sent to me about two-three weeks ago.

Re: Bind stuff into Driver. Dan, you're the man!! Thanks a lot.

Send it over Don. I'll take a look tomorrow, after my Math exam (I really should be studying now heh) ;)