Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Great time at ACS/OpenACS Developer Event last night...

Michael Yoon from aD gave a general (very high-level) overview of the ACS 4.X architecture. If you've kept up with ACS4 docs, you're familiar with it. He also contrasted the "application stack" for ACS4 Java and ACS4 Tcl. Very nice overall, if basic.

Ben talked about the history of OpenACS, the success of the project thus far, and where we're going from here. He discussed the status/timeline of the ports for OpenACS4  (basically, he and Don are in the critical path...Don working on db/driver stuff, Ben on the query dispatcher. The core development group working on porting the ACS4 Core and/or Kernel stuff, and they'd like Lots O' Help porting and creating packages....).

And then he dropped a little bomb...but I'll let Ben (or Don, or whoever...though I did try to post it to /. last night! *grin*) speak to that. Exciting stuff!