Forum OpenACS Q&A: Great time at ACS/OpenACS Developer Event last night...

Hello all...

Just wanted to say I had an excellent time at the Atlanta ACS/OpenACS
Developer's Event last night. Ben's talk was particularly well-done,
but I don't want to slight anyone...I really enjoyed meeting Adam,
and Michael Yoon, seeing some aD guys I hadn't seen in awhile, etc.
And probably some folks on here as well...I'm HORRIBLE with names, so
if I met you and promptly forgot it, I apologize. I heartily
recommend attending such an event, if one is scheduled near your area
(we had folks from Greenville SC, Nashville, and Memphis, I believe!)

I'm definitely been invigorated. I'm looking forward to working on
the OpenACS 4.X project. Gotta go rustle up the Postrgres
7.1betastuff now, to check it out...

(And dang it, Ben, Slashdot rejected my posting last night! You got
spies over there or something...? *grin*)

For those of us who couldn't make it cross-country to Atlanta, anyone want to fill us in on what we missed in the talks?
With great dramatic flair, Ben teased the restless audience with a BOMB announcement.

There will be a fork of the aolserver code base, the new temporary name and url will be Ben said the new site would be up in a few days.

Other than that it was a typical intro for ACS/OpenACS, and finally an opportunity to put some faces to some of the names. I would like to thank Ben, Adam, Don and all of the other 35+ folks who have contributed code to the base.

Michael Yoon from aD gave a general (very high-level) overview of the ACS 4.X architecture. If you've kept up with ACS4 docs, you're familiar with it. He also contrasted the "application stack" for ACS4 Java and ACS4 Tcl. Very nice overall, if basic.

Ben talked about the history of OpenACS, the success of the project thus far, and where we're going from here. He discussed the status/timeline of the ports for OpenACS4  (basically, he and Don are in the critical path...Don working on db/driver stuff, Ben on the query dispatcher. The core development group working on porting the ACS4 Core and/or Kernel stuff, and they'd like Lots O' Help porting and creating packages....).

And then he dropped a little bomb...but I'll let Ben (or Don, or whoever...though I did try to post it to /. last night! *grin*) speak to that. Exciting stuff!

Oops...looks like I was too slow! *grin* Yup...a fork it is...woohoo!
Anybody remember that old Randy Newman song?

Let's drop the Big One, and see what happens...

I surely had a great time meeting Ben, Adam, Michael and the other aD nerds. Well OpenAcs is really going forward and I think the Bomb that Ban dropped is going to keep on exploding for along time. The philosophy is very encouraging knowing that Aolserver will be kept alive by OpenNSD so the true open source developer community can have control over this. Thanks Ben, Adam, Michael I guess we need more of these in other cities.

--Hope bombs destroy the "Slashdot from Hell" effect.

Add me to the list of folks who wish to say that we had a great time in Atlanta and THANK YOU BEN for all the great work you've done both coding and promoting OpenACS.
I don't like cross-posting, but I suppose I should re-iterate the same message I made over on since I read both here and there but some people probably don't (and because some people who had specific questions for me haven't been in touch since the event, and I'd like to answer their questions if I can but need e-mail addresses and reminders of the details first):

Just wanted to say I had a great time meeting everyone at the Atlanta developer event.

Several people had technical questions, several people had high-level overview questions, and unfortunately there were a few people I didn't get to talk to. Please feel free to join discussions (you're most likely to find interesting useful user-level discussions on aD's web/db bboard or here on, or e-mail me directly at