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Posted by Thomas Senn on
Hello all,

I've just installed successfully AOLServer 4 on a machine running websites that use UTF-8 encoding in the db (postgres). Using the old aolserver3-style config files, aolserver starts fine, but all accents are screwed up at display. I tried pasting directives from aolserver4's sample config file (the ones concerning MIME-types) into my old ones : no change.

Inversley I put all the directives that I felt necessary from my old config file into the aolserver4's sample config file, which is VERY light btw. It's getting worse, as I cannot even see the website's homepage.

So my question is : has anybody managed to display UTF-8 chars properly with aolserver4 and ACS 5.x using postgres? Or, alternatively, is there any sample of a working aolserver4 configuration file suited for OpenACS 5.x?

Thanks for your help. Best regards.

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Posted by Bjorn Thor Jonsson on
Hi, OpenACS includes a AOLserver configuration file and the version in the 5.1.0 tarball is good to display utf-8 chars from aolserver4 in a test setup I did. There are some notes on the configuration in the documentation.
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Posted by Tilmann Singer on
It should be no problem at all. Is your db unicode encoded like this:

tils@goem:~$ psql -l
        List of databases
  Name    |  Owner  | Encoding
head      | tils    | UNICODE


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Posted by Thomas Senn on
Thank you all,

The problem solved, thanks to the use of the config file indicated by Bjorn. Best regards.

Btw : Yes, psql -l lists all db with UNICODE encoding