Forum OpenACS Development: Is export/import fixed in pg 7.1?

Posted by Erik Rogneby on
Does anyone know if exports in Postgresql 7.1 will be structured so
that they import nicely without having to move stuff around?

Have they fixed this?


Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
This problem appears to be fixed.  I recently did a dump/restore of openacs on pg 7.1 beta3 without touching the dumpfile, and I didn't encounter any problems.  On pg 7.0.x, I always had to move the procedural languages definitions and the sysdate function to the top of the dump-file prior to restoring.
Posted by Don Baccus on
Dan's right, the problem appears to be fixed enough for OpenACS
work, even if it's not been entirely fixed.  That's all
selfish little me needs for now!
Posted by Grzegorz Mucha on
AFAIK they have fixed another thing. When dumping DB, views were saved as a table+rule, and some of them didn't work after recreating (for example users_null or user_groups_null). This is fixed now, too - you get a bunch of CREATE VIEW statements, working all right.