Forum OpenACS Q&A: is this a listbuilder bug or feature

Relevant snippet follows:
-page_query $query \
-orderby {
   code {
      orderby code
} \
-filters {
   code {
      label "something"
      values {{a a} {b b}}
      where_clause {code = :code}

When orderby, filters, and pagination switches are present, the page numbers contain parameters for filter names that are the same on filters and orderby. So instead of the link to page 2 not having a code=something due to a cleared filter, it has the first value in the values list instead.

Is this a bug where it should barf with a warning of same names or is this a feature where you can combine some variable in the orderby and filters clauses?

Posted by Lars Pind on

I'm not following.

Can you post the URLs as generated by list-builder, and the URL you'd expect?


Posted by Deds Castillo on

With the above snippet, I expect the page numbers generated by the paginator to just display http://host/?page=N whenever it's generated the first time

what it actually displays is http://host/?page=N&code=a so I don't know if this is a bug and the filters get lost somewhere because of the same name.