Forum OpenACS Development: ACS package status.

Posted by Erik Rogneby on
At Don's request I compiled a status list ACS 4.x packages. This list is pretty comprehensive and includes all the packages I could find in the aD public CVS repository.

Unfortunately it is too big to post here. (believe me I tried)

So I put it in File Storage.
I'd advise dragging it down into emacs and looking at it with global- font-lock-mode on. Sorry it's so big, but I wanted to create a comprehensive list.

Posted by Talli Somekh on
thanks alot erik.  that's a great list and is *extremely* helpful.


Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on
sadly this doesn't give much real info on the packages themselves.
whats really needed is an evaluation of which these packages work, a
massage of the .info files doesn't really give much context into the
production status of a package. i've been following the aD cvs for a
few weeks, it seems as of this week only fixes are taking place
(mainly to the bboard and acs-places). it looks like alot of these
packages have had development stopped cold turkey. on the other hand
the acs-java-packages have exploded from 0 to 6. i guess this should
be obvious from aD's focus shift. (IMO) whats needed is an assesment
of the various packages production status and also their java
depedencies. looking over the status list it seems reasonable to
assume anything with a version other than 0.1d is probably usable.
it would be nice if someone from aD could chime in....
Posted by Erik Rogneby on
Talking about Java reminded me that I did NOT include a status on any java packages.

Kapil: You are right, to get a real sense of where packages are you need to install them and test them.  This was the most information I could collect in the shortest period of time.  As time permits I am going to start beating on packages and see how they hold up.  I would encourage anyone that wants to help out do the same and post their findings on the bboard.

Also, I would not automatically trust ANYTHING that has been tagged as "X.Xd" as being usable.

Posted by Dennis Gregorovic on
A few things:

  1) There is a ACS 4.x TCL Package Porting page at  It is mostly up-to-date with the latest releases.

  2) The majority of the ACS 4.x TCL packages have not gone through a central QA test, so there is no ranking of the "quality" of each package.  (flashbacks to zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance...)  However, almost all packages have been code-reveiwed and gone through some testing.

  3) The "d" extension to version names indicates development release, which may or may not be usable.

  4) If you find bugs when beating on the pakages, please post them at
Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on
re java: i actually was referring to java dependencies in the
acs4tcl packages. i thinks it a bit early to even consider the
acs-java packages. i did a quick check (ls -R | grep java) of the
acs-packages and core and other than unit tests the only java i see
is for webmail and chat(which mainly seems to be for the chat
applet/server communication).
Posted by Jon Griffin on
You should know by now that with very few exceptions new tcl development has stopped at AD.

I can probably help with some of the dependency issues, as well as let you know the history of packages (which may seem unneeded) such as acs-reference, acs-event, acs-datetime etc, which I was directly involved in.