Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Using web logs for learning

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Hi Bill,

At Sloan we've launched a new (and non-public, alas) "class notes" site where alumni can post updates about themselves.  We think of it as a sort of living version of the monthly or yearly newsletter.  There is one weblog per class.  Members of the class of '99 are invited to post to the "Class of '99 Notes" site and so on for the other classes.  One of the goals of this system is to bring a greater sense of connectedness to the alumni community by making one another's presence more immediately felt.  It's a bit early to measure our success -- the site has only been up for a month --- but in that time we've received submissions from classes ranging from '59 to '99.

On a lighter note you might find Room 209 ( interesting.

Posted by Bill Ives on
This is great. I will have to look to see what my university is doing. While it might invite chaos, I wonder what cross-class communication might achieve. This could take several forms. While many of my college friends were in my class, there were also others in the three preceeding classes and the three following classes who were on campus at the same time.  When I look at class notes, I always scan these years in addition to my own. On a different note, what about cross-generational connection where an older class becomes the mentors to a current class. This could occur on a set schedule - like those about to come back for their 25th reunion link to the current freshman or sophomore class and therefore they might want to meet some of their mentorees when back on campus.  There is also sufficient separation to have a cross-generation perspective.  I am sure there are other possible connections to make but probably best to learn from the current effort before getting too creative.