Forum OpenACS Q&A: 3.2.5 release

Posted by Tom Mizukami on
Roberto, is there a date set for the planned release of 3.2.5. I need
to get this up at work and would like the latest bug fixes. If the
release is imminent I can wait a couple of days, or should I just
grab the latest from CVS at Sourceforge? Thanks for making this
release happen.
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Posted by Roberto Mello on
The date we had planned initially was this friday, but I am not sure
if this has changed. AFAIK, all we need now is testing and then Ben
will sprinkle holy release water and get it out the door.

If you need it now, I'd say go ahead and start using the CVS version
since it probably won't be much different (if at all) from the release

I've been testing the (NEW!) photodb module and it is quite nice. for a working example. It's great!
Good job Vinod!

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Posted by Don Baccus on
Well, Roberto, I think the freeze date's pretty much up to you and we
can roll a release ASAP afterwards.  If you feel good about the state
of the release let's put one together shortly.

The photodb module *does* look nice!

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Posted by Roberto Mello on
The two biggie ones before we can freeze (IMHO) are:

- Ben told me there are some issues on new-ticket due to code that was added.

- I sent Dan a patch that fixes 7.1 issues (he's more familiar with that module). I don't think that has been applied yet (he was working one item of the patch with its author - Chris Hardy)

When Ben and Dan give us their ok on those parts, then we can freeze.

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Posted by Ben Adida on
The ticket tracker stuff is looking good for release. More enhancements to come, surely, but this release is solid. Go Roberto!
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Posted by Bob OConnor on
And the release date for 3.2.5 is....
Thank you!
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Posted by MaineBob OConnor on
Any *UPDATED* comments on when 3.2.5 will be released?

Are we waiting for PG 7.1 to be released first?

Thank you.

8: Response to 3.2.5 release (response to 1)
Posted by Roberto Mello on
The issues are still on Intranet and new-file-storage as I said many times. If you don't use these two modules, I doubt 3.2.5 "official" will change anything in the other modules, so if you desperately need 3.2.5, go grab it off CVS.

We had a problem with the intranet patch that stopped us from being able to commit after it was reviewed. So I had to get the patch again (from Chris Hardy) but haven't had time to look into it or commit it. new-file-storage just needs to have its library file added to the tcl/ directory to go out (still as Beta).

We're shooting for a release closer to this friday. I haven't received any bug or release-stopper reports from anyone, so I think this date is pretty safe.

On this point, this is not a C/C++/Java program where one bug can break the entire thing. Don't be afraid of grabbing the CVS version, especially for the 3.2.x tree, for it can only get better. If you want the release to come out faster, help us test it and report it here (and at the SDM), volunteer to apply and test a patch, volunteer to test the upgrade script, etc.