Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ArsDigita Gives Open Source A Try

Posted by Talli Somekh on
Once upon a time, it seemed that aD built it's own tools so that the problems they had were solved right, rather than spend a lot of money on tools with very dubious records.  It seems to me that if the business folks at aD want to use Exchange for calendaring, scheduling, etc. (problems that I was under the impression the ACS was built to solve) then there isn't a whole lot of faith in those tools.

I really don't feel too religious either way when it comes to TCL vs. Java.  I am not a programmer so I haven't invested a whole lot of time developing expertise in specific programming styles.  However, I do use the system and evangelize it quite a bit.  So to see that the people who are ostensibly the gatekeepers reject their own product in favor of something that is direct competitor (materially and philosophically), then I really have to say I disagree with you Dennis.

Why wouldn't the business folks just use the ACS for calendaring, scheduling, etc.  Or is it because aD doesn't do that stuff anymore?