Forum .LRN Q&A: corrupt file of evaluation package in oacs-5-3 and oacs-5-4

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I recently did a checkout of evaluation from oacs-5-4 and I found that the file evaluation-callback-procs.tcl is corrupted, there are some weird characters in it and the title says "Library of photo-album". I checked the one on oacs-5-3 and is the same way but the one in oacs-5-2 is fine.
Hi Alvaro,

The file is not corrupted. What you see at the end of each line is an extra carriage return (^M). Windows uses carriage-return + line-feed to mark the end of a line, while unix-based systems use line-feed only.

Anyway, I've removed the extra CRs and committed to the oacs-5-4 branch. I've changed the description of the library too.

OK, thanks for the explanation, I wasn't aware of that.