Forum OpenACS Development: Re: .LRN user interface design

Posted by Lars Pind on
Cambridge University kindly let me share their designs with the community.

I've posted them here;


Posted by xx xx on
I like the way Cambridge accentuates the portlet headers. It is easier for the eye when visiting the site for the first time. IMO, on Contentpages: content headers should be the first thing that catch the eye. But, this can different for a Homepage and section-Frontpage. Do you differentiate between the those?

I like your tab design though (and would probably use javascript for second-level navigation).

Posted by John Norman on
We have not done that as it is difficult to predict how a community admin will configure the community, but I agree it would be desirable.

Just as a general point, some users didn't like the 'boxy' look and wanted something 'friendlier'. We decided to go for a 'newspaper' look (something like the New York Times), but this was somewhat frustrated by the number of levels in the headings.

Posted by Steve Manning on
Not wishing to be pedantic but isn't the context bar slightly wrong on the Cambridge pages?

You Are in > My Space

should surely be:

I am in > My Space


You are in > Your Space

'You are in my space' sounds like you are sitting in someones seat.



Posted by Mark Aufflick on
LOL :)
18: Re: You're in my space (response to 16)
Posted by John Norman on
You're right.

At the time we were more concerned about a way of merging the two horizontal menu bars at the top of the page. We remain concerned about navigating between classes/communities - it is not as intuitive as we would like.