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Posted by Jon Griffin on
I am in the process of evaluating some CMS systems that are open- source. Since most of them are MySQL/PHP or Java I can't really evaluate them fully unless I setup a some more servers.

Therefor I would like to ask if any either has a server running these platforms or if anyone has used these to let me know.

I will compile a list of features/distractors for each platform that I can get at.

Anyone can email me privately if they desire to avoid redundancy in posts. I would like to rethink the CMS before just doing a straight port, and along those lines I am putting together the ER diagram for Workflow/CR/CMS. I also think templating should be in this discussion, but it is not really specific for CMS. It would be nice however to have seamless template integration in the CMS and fix some of the bugs on the templating SDM at ArsDigita.
The list I have of Open Source type cms is as follows:

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Posted by Gillian Kerr on
Also egrail ( - at least it was open source until a month ago; they don't seem to mention it on their site any more.
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Posted by Rafael Calvo on
Have a look at Uses PHP/mysql and has a big community of developers. It is similar to slashdot, with forums, polls, downloads, stats,... Recently it started being sponsored by MandrakeSoft (a linux french company). It uses GPL
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Posted by Adam Farkas on
I've got a nuke site running here. This is on a shared box [FreeBSD on some sort of sketchy clone], with about 30-40 other active sites.

The good:

  • very easy to set up [took all of about 10 minutes]
  • very polished slashdot clone
  • integrated bboard system, similar to UltimateBB
  • Polls
  • Built-in search capability
  • potentially large group of developers who are interested in extending nuke into something more than a slashdot ripoff.
  • Some "add-on" modules available (for example, the DMOZ page at my site.)

The bad:

  • MySQL only. Not a problem for small/silly sites like mine, but I shudder to think of what would happen in a high-volume situation.
  • Not many external modules/extensions, though more may come in the future.
  • Apparent problems with the community -- the main site was down for almost a week (DB crash?) This was a very embarrassing gaffe for mandrake.

The bottom line: if you need to put up a slashdot clone quickly, you could do worse than nuke. But I wouldn't attempt to push the envelope with it, until the issues mentioned above are addressed.

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Posted by Gregor Obernosterer on
just a test