Forum OpenACS Q&A: your favorite web framework - OpenACS

Yesterday, webmonkey published a survey for the people's favorite web framework. So, come one, take a minute and go to the survey and click on the green up-arrow next to the OpenACS entry :).
Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Victor,

was OpenACS on the list? I can't see it there now.


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
interesting. yesterday, when i looked, it was on the list with 7 votes.... Victor, can you check, what happened there?
Posted by Steve Manning on
We are on the second (and third?) page. Theres a tiny 'next' at the bottom of the list window.
Posted by Stefan Sobernig on
Mmmh... the OpenACS entry became victim of out-voting and, therefore, pagination ... just scroll down, to the very bottom of the voting list, and follow the "next" button. there you find oacs with xx votes ...


Posted by Victor Guerra on
Yeah!.. the next|prev link at the bottom of the list is so tiny that everyone is missing it I guess!.. it happened to me also. I think that someone thought that OpenACS was not in the list and added it *again*, and now both entries appear in the 2nd page. Some other entries have the same problem ( seaside and drupal for example ), a simple checking would not be bad for that voting sutff. anyways... :) It's interesting to see how many frameworks exits out there.