Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Spring 2004 OCT Elections: Procedure and Call for Nominations

Results are available here in the form of my verification sheet. Joel Aufrecht, Malte Sussdorff and Rocael Hernandez won. There's a tie in the 4th position between Andrew Grumet and Caroline Meeks that we'll ask them to resolve. (We're recommending a knife fight, but maybe tossing a coin would be safer. ;-))
Guan, Jarkko, thanks a lot for taking the time to conduct this vote and giving us the results. Thanks a lot also to the 72 voters who took their time to vote.

As for the tie, I've got a couple of suggestions (one of which should make it into a TIP, as we seem to develop a habbit of ties)

- Throw a coin
- Enlarge the OCT
- Let Andrew and Caroline talk it out between themselves
- Ask the other eight OCT members to make a quick vote

there's something called a runoff that is standard practice in these situations.


I am in favor of letting Caroline and Andrew decide which
of them wants to do it (or request a runoff if that's what they would prefer to do).
Would a runoff election (I don't know the term, sorry), mean to have a new election just between the two with one vote for each voter? If yes, I'd favour for any method to avoid this as we should not put too much strain on the electorate (though I do agree it is standard procedure).