Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Acs mail lite 0.2a doesn't seem to work

Posted by Christof Spitz on
Sorry, I am rather ignorant, but I try to learn. Thanks for any help to make me understand.

I installed the latest .LRN which probably runs on OpenACS 5.0.x The package manager says acs-mail-lite is version 0.1d.

Since acs-mail-lite doesn't send notifications to me as the admin (but to other users), I tried to update to the latest version from cvs which is 0.21a according to

stopped aolserver
cd packages
mv acs-mail-lite ~/backup/acs-mail-lite.01d
cvs -z3 -d checkout acs-mail-lite
restarted aolserver

When I look at the package in the package manager, it still reports acs-mail-lite as version 0.1d, although it can't see the older directory any more.

Why is the older version reported?

P.S. After trying I learned that the acs-mail-lite 0.21a doesnt work with .LRN 2.0 at all, so I had to come back to 0.1d. Still curious why the older version was reported from apm after the "upgrade".

And still have the same problem that no mails that are handled by acs-mail-lite are send to the admin. Who knows why?