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Posted by Torben Brosten on
"I setup just by making a copy of a working server."

Is this a VM environment? running aolserver3.x?

I raised the nsparam stacksize from [expr 128*1024] to [expr 256*1024] in one (as part of a tuning exercise).

On restart, aolserver began responding with oddly broken html pages through the templating system.

I set the nsparam stacksize to its original setting, restarted and the problem went away...

5: Re: include tag weirdness (response to 4)
Posted by Sean Redmond on
It is not a VM, and it is Aolserver 3.4.2. I'm betting that it will turn out to be something simple like that, but it isn't the stacksize, or at least I haven't changed the stacksize.

To make the copy, I just copied /web/server1 to /web/server2, and made the few necessary changes to the server2 config file.  Both servers are for the moment using the same database, but I wouldn't expect that to cause this kind of trouble.