Forum .LRN Q&A: Announcement: .LRN Consortium Interim Executive Director

Carl and I are pleased to announce that Cesar Brea has agreed to serve as interim Executive Director of the .LRN Consortium while we organize and launch it.

Given his other commitments, Cesar will only be able to dedicate 3-4 days per month to this, but his efforts will be critical to keeping our momentum.

His priorities in the short-term will be:

  1. formal/legal organization of the Consortium (expected for July, given research underway now)
  2. continued focus on recruiting prospective corporate Consortium members
  3. continued support for content development, e.g., white paper, and PR / user outreach.

Once we have the Consortium formally organized, Cesar will facilitate the formation of its boards and submit an initial operational plan and budget to these boards for their approval. With their approval, the Consortium will begin targeting major fundraising, marketing, and coordination among Consortium members.

One plan element will be the recruitment of a permanent Executive Director to succeed Cesar. Please contact me, Carl or Cesar if you have any questions or suggestions.