Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: ANN Evaluation / Grading package ready for testing (alpha)

Dangerous question Roc (glad you asked). ;)

Yes you should.

Having each evaluation tightly wired to an assignment that shows up in that portlet is a mistake.

We want to be able to evaluate an oral presentation, a quiz, a wimpy point, a blog posting, a forums thread, they way a student did the tango, etc. without specifically listing those things in the assignment portlet.

It just doesn't make sense for _everything_ to show up as an "assignment".

yes, makes a lot of sense to not show everything here, and in some way link other objects in the system, but a lot of times the professor would like to grade stuff *outside* of the system, we need to come with clear requirements, and we'll be happy to implement those ... so, pls feel free to post them here.