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I just finished the porting of our Evaluation / Grading package to openacs 5, its still in an alpha version, if you wanna help, please test it, but not use it for production yet.

Try it standalone by now, soon you'll be able with .LRN

Some info about what the package does:
*Lets the administrator to add grade types with a percentage for each grade type
*Add assignments for each grade type
*Assign grades in groups
*Admin the students groups for the tasks
*Grade the students
*See grades reports and audit info
*Lets the students to turn in their tasks and see their grades and comments on the evaluations

Soon we'll:
*integrate the evaluation packate with the notification package
*add some features like grade the studens with a csv file and more audit options
*finish the requirements posted in the rfc for this package (
*move the sources to CVS /contrib
*port it to oracle
*release a beta a version
*provide portlets for .LRN
*better tested
*good documentation (technical + end user)

Future will be to integrate it with assessments, for automatic feed of grades to it.

Try it here:
admin-user: pass: admin-test
user: pass:test

Please post any comment, bug, suggestion in this thread.

Developed by me, with design / develop help & suggestions from Don and Rocael. This work has been done at Galileo university, as part of the E-LANE project, released as GPL v.2 or above.

Note: we've been using this system for more than 2 years with great succes at Galileo (on ACES).


I'm logged in as admin-test, but when I want to add or click on any link, I get:

Permission Denied

    You don't have permission to admin Main Site.

The only thing that I'm allow to see is the task.



I have fixed a lot of bugs of the evaluation package.

I also added some features, such as download all the answers of a task in one file and upload an assignment in multiple classes at the same time.

I also integrated the package with dotlrn and made a couple of portlets that display the information of the package. This portlets show almos the same information of the index pages of the package, and you can do almost the same things from the portlets (add tasks, evaluate the students, etc)

The test users are:

- Professor: / pass admin-test
- Student: / pass test

The demo site is:

Please feel free to test the package and to report any bug/suggestion.


Posted by Deirdre Kane on

I'd love to take a look at this, but i think the server is down right now.



Yes, it was down because of an elecricity problem, but now it is up again. There are some classes already created (mate, mate 2 and mate 4) with a few studens, so you can test the package there.


Posted by Deirdre Kane on

I've played with your alpha site a little and i think it would have useful applications here at Sloan, especially since you can customize the types because we have problem sets and cases, mostly.  This would be especially useful for the problem sets and their solutions.

I do have a concern that the evaluations and assignments portlets take up a lot of real estate, but i think that can be resolved by setting them up on their own page within each class.

When i selected "view my answer" for test1 - after uploading a file, etc. - i got an error, though: "We had a problem processing your entry:
You must supply a value for revision_id
Please back up using your browser, correct it, and resubmit your entry.
Thank you."


Jose, I took a few minutes and tried the package as well.

Like it. Nice work. It is going to be very useful for us.

Have one class that I am TA in right now where it would make things a lot easier. There is one part of the class that I could not model though:

Part of the grade in the class is based on participation (in the discussion for example). When I add participation as a new "evaluation type" an assignment automatically appears called "participation", but "participation" is hard to submit as an assignment so I was wondering if the admin of the class has a way of "unmapping" an evaluation and a task/assignment or a way of creating an evaluation without automatically creating an assignment? I would like to be able to evaluate each student on participation without it showing up as a specific assignment.


Thanks for reporting the error, it is fixed now.

About the portlets, you are definitively right, it would be better if the portlets are set on their own page... It is on my to do list ;)



I understand perfectly what you are talking about, it has happened before here in Galileo University. The way we solve the problem is:

Add the assignment setting to false the radio botton where you are asked to decide whether the assignment will be submited online or not ("Will the task be submitted online?"). This way, the students will not be able to submit an answer and you will be able to include "participation" in the grade of the course and to assign a grade to each student. "participation" will appear as an assignment though, because it is part of the grade of the course.

I hope this hepls, regards!

or we should add the possibility to not show it as an assignment (task) to the students? but show it the results to them if the professor wants ....
Dangerous question Roc (glad you asked). ;)

Yes you should.

Having each evaluation tightly wired to an assignment that shows up in that portlet is a mistake.

We want to be able to evaluate an oral presentation, a quiz, a wimpy point, a blog posting, a forums thread, they way a student did the tango, etc. without specifically listing those things in the assignment portlet.

It just doesn't make sense for _everything_ to show up as an "assignment".

Did you take a look at the KM features that are part of COP? It allows rating of any object within OpenACS. I'd encourage you to integrate your evaluation/grading package into this as well, so we could grade every single object within OpenACS.
yes, makes a lot of sense to not show everything here, and in some way link other objects in the system, but a lot of times the professor would like to grade stuff *outside* of the system, we need to come with clear requirements, and we'll be happy to implement those ... so, pls feel free to post them here.
yes, integration with COP makes sense, we'll have a look on that as well. Our main priority now is to make it very stable (with the actual functionality), and then most of the team will focus on the next .LRN release (2.1) since we are about to launch .LRN @ Galileo. I think we'll release the evaluation 1.0 stable during the next week after jopez test scalability on it....
was not able to access teh site, has it already been closed? matz
Sorry, we were working on the server, but it is up again (we are internationalizing the package but there was a mistake made by the translators, so please, sorry if you read some spanish... we will fix it soon)


Hi everyone,

We are using the evaluation package in Galileo University and I have done some improvements and bug fixing, such as:

- Performance improvements, specially in postgresql queries
- Option (parameter) to store files in the file system added
- Grades reports improved
- Bugs creating students groups fixed
- Integration with calendar added (I didn't find any service contract in the calendar package, so I mapped the cal_items with a mapping table to the assignments)
- More bugs fixed and visualization/navigation improved

The evaluation package is very stable right now (version 0.3d), and it is being used by all the classes at Galileo University.

Please feel free to download and test the package, and to make any comments/suggestions about it.



Great! Jose, does the evaluation package allow students to define groups as well?
Sorry Nima, not yet, we haven't have time to do that =(
Hi Jose,

Where can I download this package from.
I will be glad to play with it and test.

Volin Karagiozov


You can download it from CVS (HEAD), you need to have dotLRN installed and to download evaluation, evaluation-portlet and dotlrn-evaluation, and please feel free to report any bug/suggestion/problem.

regards, Jose

22: Evaluation compat release (response to 1)
Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
Hello All,
I just merged evaluation/applet/portlet from HEAD to oacs-5-1 branch, and tagged as openacs-5-1-compat, which is our stable release (just for postgres), any new bug-fix will go into oacs-5-1 branch and new stuff that we are planning on HEAD.

cvs co -r openacs-5-1-compat evaluation
(same for portlet/applet)

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to anounce a spanish tutorial for the evaluation package. It is a tutorial designed for the staff of the course (i.e. professors, students, TAs). You can find it at



Thanks a lot for this work. Will you be able to translate this into English as well?

Furthermore, is anyone creating a SCORM course on how to make use of .LRN as a Professor ?

yes, we'll translate to english.
Jopez, pls put the link to the CVS doc as well...

The scorm course on how to use .LRN is a very good idea indeed, first we'll finish the documentation for .LRN and then based on that we can create a course ....