Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: ANN Evaluation / Grading package ready for testing (alpha)

Jose, I took a few minutes and tried the package as well.

Like it. Nice work. It is going to be very useful for us.

Have one class that I am TA in right now where it would make things a lot easier. There is one part of the class that I could not model though:

Part of the grade in the class is based on participation (in the discussion for example). When I add participation as a new "evaluation type" an assignment automatically appears called "participation", but "participation" is hard to submit as an assignment so I was wondering if the admin of the class has a way of "unmapping" an evaluation and a task/assignment or a way of creating an evaluation without automatically creating an assignment? I would like to be able to evaluate each student on participation without it showing up as a specific assignment.


I understand perfectly what you are talking about, it has happened before here in Galileo University. The way we solve the problem is:

Add the assignment setting to false the radio botton where you are asked to decide whether the assignment will be submited online or not ("Will the task be submitted online?"). This way, the students will not be able to submit an answer and you will be able to include "participation" in the grade of the course and to assign a grade to each student. "participation" will appear as an assignment though, because it is part of the grade of the course.

I hope this hepls, regards!

or we should add the possibility to not show it as an assignment (task) to the students? but show it the results to them if the professor wants ....
Dangerous question Roc (glad you asked). ;)

Yes you should.

Having each evaluation tightly wired to an assignment that shows up in that portlet is a mistake.

We want to be able to evaluate an oral presentation, a quiz, a wimpy point, a blog posting, a forums thread, they way a student did the tango, etc. without specifically listing those things in the assignment portlet.

It just doesn't make sense for _everything_ to show up as an "assignment".

yes, makes a lot of sense to not show everything here, and in some way link other objects in the system, but a lot of times the professor would like to grade stuff *outside* of the system, we need to come with clear requirements, and we'll be happy to implement those ... so, pls feel free to post them here.