Forum .LRN Q&A: Comparison between .LRN and Moodle

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hi all,

about one or two years ago, the community discussed by topics some analogies-comparisons, such as portability, scalability, and etc..., among .LRN and Moodle.

I am searching for this thread on openACS forum website. So, if anyone has it in your bookmarks or keeps it in documents, please let me know.

thanks in advance,

Posted by Rafael Pastor Vargas on
Hi uuri, you have several threads talking about Moodle (only use Moodle as word in the search textbox...). Maybe, the most interesting is the first:

My opinion:
1) .LRN has a good standards support. Moodle is increasing it, probably is better now (it is only an opinion...)
2) .LRn have better perfomance for large installations (as we have in UNED, near of 110,000 users)
3) Moodle is thinked by pedagogical persons and its organization it seems better to learn for starters.
4) Moodle do no have cluster support now, but it is working on it, specially Open University. In fact, there are several aproaches which are being used in spanish univerisities, using simple nodes with a database server (Barcelona Politechnic University).
5) The admin support and management is better in .LRN, because it has an organizational form based on departments (near of universities structures). Moodle do not have external organization of courses (well, Open University is working on it...)
6) .LRN is based on a mature development framework (TCL, maybe this can be a problem from the developers management point of view). Moodle is only PHP (i dont want to talk about security issues added...)

Well, this is a brief comment about the two Open Source alternatives more interesting for me (i' m using .LRN, so i have a partial point of view, maybe?)


Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Thanks Rafael,

I did search "Moodle" but i got only specific threads. I just need to search more, and be patient.

Anyway, thanks for those 6 topics. It will help me to aim focus brainstorm. I guess :)