Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Request for advice from the OCT

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Way back in November 2003 when we first posted up our discussion of how to handle conditional processing aka "sequencing" in Assessment (see we explicitly alluded to the IMS SS and QTI specs and summarized their basic components -- and discussed how our schema basically implements the appropriate parts of their concepts. Our subsequent refinement (see has been up since March (looking at the version history).

What I can't discern from the above debate is where this schema fails with respect to the IMS specs -- which are themselves simultaneously incomplete and obtuse. We didn't set out to try to slavishly implement the IMS specs; we wanted to create a robust, generic mechanism to handle conditional processing within a data collection package. That still seems to me to be the appropriate goal here.

What I'm looking for is a clear description where our schema falls short, and more importantly concrete suggestions for how to improve it. Frankly, we've been hoping for that kind of constructive input for months.