Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): TIP #69: (Withdrawn) Add a package parameter to turn off HTML restrictions

Some sites have a pretty well controlled user base (corporate training, for example) and feel that the risk of allowing HTML is outweighed by the benefit.  For those folks I'd like to put in a package parameter that would allow you to turn off the filters in acs-tcl/tcl/text-html-procs.tcl.  The parameter would have to warn the unwary admin of it's danger, of course... perhaps a radioactive symbol in the parameter description field? :)
Sounds like a sensible addition that would end a lot of newby questions and bug reports. As long as the potential risk is made clear the admin, I can't see a reason why not add this parameter.

Great idea


Janine, can you explain which filters are in the text-html-procs? Isn't there already a facility for turning off these filters, by using * in the parameters for acs-kernel?
Well, according to the comments in the kernel parameters you're absolutely right, Jade.  I had no idea... I think it is new since I last ran into this problem, which was a long time ago now.

Nevermind, then...